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Is anyone doing any enforcing?

September 07, 2008

Regarding your column on federal oversight of supplements ("Supplements need strong FDA medicine," Consumer Confidential, Sept. 3):

I know that the owner of that bogus product, Enzyte with Smiling Bob, is going to jail, and a big decision just came down against Airborne for colds. So I was surprised that, in the store yesterday, Airborne was still there on the shelf, and last night watching TV, I saw a commercial with Smiling Bob for Enzyte.

How is that possible?

Scott James

Los Angeles


The Food and Drug Administration is an incredibly dysfunctional agency that cannot effectively regulate the food and drugs it already is charged to monitor. How long do we have to wait for a definitive answer on the source of the recent salmonella outbreak?

Oversight by this inept agency would only offer a false sense of security, nothing else.

Denise Frey

Santa Barbara

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