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Public servants earned pensions

September 07, 2008

A reader (Letters, Aug. 31) paints a picture that all pension costs are paid by the taxpayers. This is very far from the truth.

The employee also pays. This money is paid into the most successful retirement system in the nation, the California State Public Employees' Retirement System. The system, in turn, earns money for the eventual retirement of the public employee.

I do not understand what is wrong with the eventual retirement of our public servants.

George W. Cox

Rancho Cucamonga


Very large sums of money are deducted monthly from teachers' paychecks and invested for them by the California State Teachers' Retirement System. Why do California citizens continue to obsess about the pension payouts?

A guaranteed pension derived from a set monthly contribution is one of the few attractions the profession can offer for decades of service to the children in California.

Janet Campbell


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