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STATS Corner

September 07, 2008|Bill Shaikin | Times Staff Writer

The Angels could clinch the American League West championship any day now, in the process setting a record for earliest date to clinch the AL West.

Since baseball adopted division play in 1969, six teams have clinched a division championship on or before Sept. 12, according to STATS LLC.

History suggests this division dominance does not guarantee the Angels will win the World Series, or even get there. Of these six teams, two won the World Series, two lost, and two did not get out of the first round.

In this week's STATS Corner, the earliest clinching dates in the history of divisional play, from STATS LLC:

Sept. 7, 1975: Reds (won World Series)

Sept. 8, 1995: Indians (lost World Series)

Sept. 8, 1999: Indians (lost in first round)

Sept. 9, 1998: Yankees (won World Series)

Sept. 9, 2002: Braves (lost in first round)

Sept. 12, 1998: Padres (lost World Series)

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