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Yell when a chill sets in

September 07, 2008

Re: "Flier Frostbite" [On the Spot, Aug. 31]: I work as in-flight purser from LAX to Frankfurt, Germany, and I consistently monitor the cabin temperature.

I try to keep it at 74 degrees in all cabins, but the readout on the gauge is not always accurate.

If I notice passengers huddled under blankets or wearing their coats, I know it is not 74 so I crank up the thermostat to, say, 78 to ensure it gets to 74.

My advice to passengers: By all means, let the flight attendants know. If they are rushing about, they might not notice the cold.

And always take something warm to wear or dress in layers. That way, if you are sitting near an air conditioning vent, you will have some protection.

Beverly Heiberg

Huntington Beach

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