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The more things change ...

September 08, 2008

Re "McCain vows own kind of change," Sept. 5

My head is spinning from having just watched John McCain's Republican nomination acceptance speech. He says the Republicans lost their way when they had total control of the government as they became corrupt and managed government poorly these last eight years.

McCain's logic is that the answer is to elect him so he can bring back the same Republican crowd for a do-over. Now that is really the ultimate in political spin.

Bob Didlock


McCain and Palin are running against the GOP and the failed policies of George W. Bush.

Does that make them Null and Void?

Joseph Gatto

Los Angeles

McCain calls for an end to partisan gridlock and says that he will use all the best ideas and resources, irrespective of the party of source.

I guess that will start right after Palin gets done with her little team-building exercise and stops vilifying the opposition.

The senator must think we're all too stupid to understand or care.

Ron Kasper

Newport Beach

Re "The imperfect hero," Sept. 4

Like every U.S. pilot flying over North Vietnam, McCain was trained to outmaneuver antiaircraft missiles. But instead of following orders, dodging the missile to save himself, his aircraft and its payload before continuing the mission, McCain disregarded the danger to continue his bomb run.

As your profile so tellingly reveals, this single act of recklessness symbolizes the man and his career: More guts than sense, unbridled contempt for authority, overweening ambition. Not the kind of man I want with his finger on the trigger of America's nuclear arsenal.

Marvin J. Wolf

Mar Vista Heights

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