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A little publicity for middle school

September 09, 2008

Re "From backdrop to center of attention," Sept. 6

The McCain campaign's claim that the picture of Walter Reed Middle School was used as a "way of illustrating the candidate's call for public education reforms" was a shallow attempt at damage control after some inept researcher mistook the school for Walter Reed Army Medical Center. At least that's the story going around.

Nobody on the Republican convention team caught the error -- not even McCain, who should have some idea what the building looks like. They all deserve a large, bold "F" on their collective homework papers.

Because they used Walter Reed Middle School as a backdrop for McCain's acceptance speech without permission or approval from the school, I feel a sizable donation is in order, along with an apology and the following statement: "Acceptance of this generous donation is in no way an endorsement for the Republican Party by Walter Reed Middle School's principal, administrative staff, teachers or parents." I don't know if Reed would be allowed to accept the donation. Perhaps if the donors earmarked the money for a leadership program.

Bruce Neckels

Studio City

The writer is a former PTA president of Walter Reed Middle School.


The folks who complained about the photo of the school being shown during the Republican convention are oversensitive. They should be elated that their school is getting publicity. None of the convention viewers are ignorant enough to think that the school endorses McCain just because the photo was shown. Those complainers need to learn to lighten up.

Robert Price


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