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U.S. judge rules against truckers

September 10, 2008|Louis Sahagun

A federal court judge Tuesday denied a trucking association's request that she halt key elements of a landmark program designed to help reduce pollution at the Los Angeles-Long Beach ports complex.

Granting the request "would not serve the public interest in any significant way," U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder wrote in a 26-page ruling.

She said she was not persuaded by the American Trucking Assn.'s argument that big-rig drivers would experience significant hardships if forced to enter into new concession agreements required for them to service the adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The agreements were designed to hold motor carriers responsible for failure to comply with the $1.6-billion program to improve air quality by replacing a fleet of 16,800 old, exhaust-spewing trucks with newer, cleaner models.

Beginning Oct. 1, pre-1989 trucks will be banned from the ports.

By 2012, only trucks that meet or exceed 2007 standards will be allowed entry.

-- Louis Sahagun

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