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Better than a recall

September 12, 2008

Re "Schwarzenegger could play the recall card too," Opinion, Sept. 9

Rather than adhering to Joe Mathews' profligate and gamy plan for Gov. Arnold

Schwarzenegger to court the recall effort threatened by the prison guards union, the movie-star-turned-pol could make the most of his lameduck years in office by advocating the reinstatement of the so-called car tax. It would go a long way toward easing the state's budget crisis.

Does the former bodybuilder have the political muscle and intestinal fortitude

to take such a stance? Past performances would suggest not.

Ben Miles

Huntington Beach


Mathews makes a good case for Schwarzenegger to "embrace" a recall petition.

I suggest that the governor raise the stakes: call for a state constitutional convention to completely rewrite California's pathetically inadequate


The only way to resolve the chronic deadlock is a wholesale restructuring of the

legislative process -- a new Constitution.

Karen Stephen


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