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September 13, 2008

The news about Keith Olbermann being taken off the debate "team" for NBC is appalling ("MSNBC Defends Anchor Flip," by Matea Gold, Sept. 9)!

I hope C-SPAN covers the debates, because any other "news" team and "news" network is total garbage, and I won't be watching. We no longer have a "free" press. We have a bunch of paper shufflers, reading one another's quotes and making "news" of it.

Other than Keith, all the "news" shows are the same mix of pure junk -- "talking points" sent out by this administration, delivered to a Kool-Aid-drinking public too lazy to seek out anything on their own. They don't read papers, they don't read books and they don't care.

The rest of the fools, who listen to the trash from Fox, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the other right-wing nut jobs, are happy to keep their heads in the sand. NBC is taking away the public's right to real news just like the Bush administration has done over the past eight years.

NBC should be ashamed of itself for caving in to the conservative pit bulls. At least Keith Olbermann is willing to speak truth to power.

Fern Sweet

Sherman Oaks

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