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'I think that a culture of life is best for America'

September 13, 2008

From ABC News' third interview with GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska; "World News" anchor Charles Gibson interviewed her in Wasilla, Alaska, on Friday.


On Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Gibson: I saw you quoted somewhere as speaking rather admiringly of Mrs. Clinton, Sen. Clinton, during the primary campaign. Do you think Obama should've picked her?

Palin: I think he's regretting not picking her now, I do. What, what determination, and grit, and even grace, through some tough shots that were fired her way -- she handled those well.


On abortion rights:

Gibson: Roe vs. Wade: Do you think it should be reversed?

Palin: I think it should, and I think that states should be able to decide that issue. I am pro-life. I do respect other people's opinion on this also, and I think that a culture of life is best for America. What I want to do, when elected vice president, with John McCain, hopefully, [is] be able to reach out and work with those who are on the other side of this issue. . . .

Gibson: John McCain would allow abortion in cases of rape and incest. Do you believe in it only in the case where the life of the mother is in danger?

Palin: That is my personal opinion.


On social issues:

Gibson: Homosexuality: genetic or learned?

Palin: Oh, I don't -- I don't know, but I'm not one to judge and, you know, I'm from a family and from a community with many, many members of many diverse backgrounds and I'm not going to judge someone on whether they believe that homosexuality is a choice or genetic. I'm not going to judge them.

Gibson: Guns: 70% of this country supports a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons. Do you?

Palin: I do not. . . . I'm a lifetime member of the NRA. I believe strongly in our 2nd Amendment rights. . . .


On sexism:

Gibson: Is it sexist for people to ask how can somebody manage a family of seven and the vice presidency?

Palin: I don't know. I'm lucky to have been brought up in a family where gender has never been an issue. . . .

I'm part of that generation where that question is kind of irrelevant, because it's accepted. Of course you can be the vice president and you can raise a family.


On economic policy:

Gibson: . . . Summarize the three things that you'd change in the Bush economic plans. One, two, three.

Palin: Reduce taxes; control spending; reform the oversight and the overseeing agencies and committees to make sure that America's dollars and investments are protected.

Source: ABC News

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