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Pick of the litter on pick of Palin

September 13, 2008

Re "Greetings from the energized base," Opinion, Sept. 6

I shudder to think what Meghan Daum's Republican "religious conservative" friends, who once admitted respect for Barack Obama but now feel energized after seeing how "real" Sarah Palin's family is, would have felt if Obama's out-of-wedlock, pregnant, 17-year-old daughter and her 18-year-old soon-to-be husband, using expletives on his MySpace page, had been paraded around the Democratic convention.

Would they say, "That's so American"?

Would they have been just as energized?

Game off, folks.

Owen Husney

Sherman Oaks


Did it escape Daum that she might have made more noise about the family having both parents working in the health insurance industry?

The working uninsured face financial ruin, with medical bills roughly equivalent to the estimated value of one of Cindy McCain's outfits.

If the most efficient form of health coverage eliminates the need for a health insurance industry via single payer-multiple provider systems (like the one members of Congress get), Daum's friends, like so many rational Americans, may simply vote their pocketbooks -- in their case, choosing the very wealthy candidate with a campaign supported by the health insurance industry.

Michael Brooks

Simi Valley


Re "McPalin rattles Team Obama," Opinion, Sept. 9

Jonah Goldberg, that unordained archbishop of cant, is again preaching his righteous doggerel of neo-constipated prose to the heretical "mainstream media" and gullible readers.

This time we are treated to his self-beloved sports homily: resurgent Team McCain with anointed superstar Palin hitting home runs at will against the skidding, overrated, former front-runners Team Obama with over-the-hill Biden.

Ah, Brother Goldberg, verily have we read your ardent accusations ad nauseam, grounded in faithless-based ridicule of all things liberal.

Shall we hope that The Times will realize how baseless the faith in your appeal to reasonable readers? Nevertheless, we are pulling for you to be awarded MVP, as pinch-hitter for Palin: Most Vitriolic Propagandist.

Chuck Hackwith

San Clemente


Re "Once upon a time in politics ... " Opinion, Sept. 7

Diana Wagman's Op-Ed article is probably the most important piece of information disseminated thus far about our election process.

Where can a responsible voter find sufficient, accurate information to sort out facts from fiction and make a choice in good conscience?

As a 62-year-old who has voted in almost every election since reaching 21 years of age (including primaries and local races), I am relieved to know that my instinct has been accurate -- that picking a representative has required the same process as selecting a laundry detergent or a brand of cereal!

When and how is it going to stop? My grandchildren's future is more critical than that.

Thank you for finally treating me, a voter, with enough dignity to consider me worthy of a new element of truthfulness and disclosure. My sleuthing will continue.

Kathleen Walker


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