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A healthier diet choice

September 13, 2008

Re "What's not for dinner," editorial, June 9

I'm glad to read that the United Nations acknowledges that our appetite for meat products has exacerbated climate change.

As a nutritionist, I would also like to underscore the heavy toll that our meat-laden diets take on our personal health.

Many studies indicate that the consumption of high-fat, meat-heavy diets contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease -- even some forms of cancer.

These chronic diseases, which can be prevented in part by consuming a healthy, plant-based diet, also cost billions in taxpayer dollars.

Choosing the veggie burger over the cheeseburger isn't just the best choice for our planet, it's also the best choice for our own health.

Joseph Keon

Greenbrae, Calif.


Fish sticks? That's the solution to environmental destruction?

While advocating a reduction in red meat consumption, please be a little less flip and a little more informative.

Eating more responsibly deserves our attention. Times readers are interested in the benefits to our health and the environment of eating more fruits, vegetables and even some sustainable varieties of fish.

But fish sticks are not the answer.

Diane Russell

Rolling Hills Estates

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