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Bad teams, man

September 13, 2008

Perhaps Carson Palmer should spend less time calling out Ohio State and more time figuring out how to win football games for his current team.

That performance was awful.

Scott Klace

Studio City

I never thought it could have happened but it did. The Oakland Raiders have topped the Three Stooges to become the greatest comedy team of all time.

Jeff Calzada

Monterey Park

Let's applaud Vince Young. Here's what he didn't do;

He didn't slap his girlfriend.

He didn't wake up in someone's yard.

He wasn't found wandering incoherently in a parking garage half naked with a shotgun.

He didn't make it rain anywhere.

He didn't sleep with a teenager in an out-of-town hotel room.

He wasn't high.

He didn't wrap his car around a tree.

He wasn't involved with a shooting from his limousine.

He wasn't even in a limousine.

Adam Ritz

Hancock Park

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