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Palin talks, readers balk

September 15, 2008

Re "Palin talks tough on Russia, Iran," Sept. 12

Has The Times become the apologist for the McCain-Palin ticket? I found the Sarah Palin interview with Charlie Gibson to be alarming at best, even frightening.

Do we really want an everyday "hockey mom" as leader of the free world? Do we want someone who believes that decisiveness without prior thought is a good thing?

I think we've had enough of that over the last eight years. I want an elitist in office, someone who seems smarter than average! Where's Thomas Jefferson when you need him?

Theo Miles


Re "Would-be vice president's on-air job interview tells us too little, way too late,"

Sept. 12

Couched as a television review, this article was nothing more than a partisan attack on the person who was the subject of the interview.

Shame on The Times.

Robert Saurer

Rolling Hills Estates

Re "Palin seeks gov.'s veto of port fees," Sept. 12

Gov. Sarah Palin's letter to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urging his veto on fees for cargo containers going through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles negates her comment to ABC News that man's activities might contribute to global warning. Make no mistake about it, Palin is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Victoria Shere

Los Angeles

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