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Shame in Afghanistan

September 16, 2008

Re "Does killing Afghan civilians keep us safe?," Opinion, Sept. 12

Intentional killing of civilians is a war crime and should be condemned as such. Any act that knowingly targets civilians degrades our nation, the cause of justice and our freedoms.

William DuBay

Costa Mesa

Though Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann are obviously kinder, gentler people, I fail to comprehend what it is, exactly, they would like to change about the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

Apparently, invading an entire country by force and deposing its government, then mercilessly bombing its population for seven years while allowing the vast majority of the country's territory to be overrun by religious fundamentalists and drug lords, all ostensibly motivated by the fruitless pursuit of one man, is OK by them. But gosh, couldn't we please use smaller bombs?

In fact, the whole invasion is one gigantic atrocity, perpetrated by the United States and paid for with our tax dollars. We're the bad guys. The only way we're going to make it better is to stop it altogether.

Stacy Bermingham

San Diego

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