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My Favorite Weekend

Maynard James Keenan: Singer

September 19, 2008|Mark Sachs | Times Staff Writer

AS FRONTMAN for the band Tool, Maynard James Keenan has long embraced the whole hard-rock thing, but now he's got a crush on grapes. As a partner in Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, with his own Caduceus Cellars/Merkin Vineyards taking shape, he'll be signing bottles at Whole Foods stores in Tustin (Oct. 21), West L.A. (Oct. 22), L.A. (3rd/Fairfax, Dec. 2) and El Segundo (Dec. 3).

SPECIAL GUEST: I like to pop into Millie's restaurant in Silver Lake. There has been food served there since the beginning of time. I think they still have a special in my honor -- a spinach pine-nut scramble -- but to really complete the dish you have to get sides of cream cheese and bacon.

POP A CORK: If you're looking for a good bottle around L.A., check out Mission Wines in South Pasadena or Silverlake Wine on Glendale Boulevard. They're fantastic shops with a diverse array of wines and knowledgeable people who also listen to how your own palate is tuned. And it's important not to just be a slave to ratings.

ON FOOT: If you're stumbling around Hollywood Boulevard late at night because you can't drive, try Dos Burritos. Fantastic wet burritos -- but let's face it, at that time of night you're not too discriminating.

GOING TAPAS: For a more special occasion, and if I'm allowed to pimp my own restaurant since I'm a part owner, I'd go to one of the two Cobras & Matadors. I love the sugar chili prawns -- they're fantastic.

UNFORGETTABLE: For a surreal experience, try the Dresden Room. I once saw a Bill Murray-style husband-and-wife lounge act, and it was just so great. Great in a way that I think is great. But I'm a fan of the Onion, so. . . .

ABOVE IT ALL: I love seeing all the chaos of Hollywood Boulevard and then driving not even a half-mile into the hills around Griffith Park. It's a different world, pretty interesting to witness. I also like hiking behind Bronson Canyon; it's so green and plush, but watch out for the dog poop.

DEUX GO: I had an entertaining evening at Le Deux with my actor-friend Clifton Collins Jr. They asked us if we wanted to go inside the velvet rope, and we figured, why not? We stayed just inside the rope and pretended to check IDs as these 15 blond girls inside the rope looked for the famous person who wasn't there, and 15 girls outside the rope looked to see who was famous inside. Hey, it's Hollywood and it's fantastic, in a very Angelyne sort of way.


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