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Big bucks for campaigns

September 19, 2008

Re "Obama raises millions among the stars," Sept. 17

I don't understand the Obama mania of the Hollywood elite. Do these Barack Obama fans want to work longer just to pay more taxes? With all the entitlement programs already in place and those that Obama is promising -- who is going to pay for that?

We should ask all of the Hollywood elite who have come out in strong support for Obama to pay more. It's only fair. They are out of touch with the financial burdens facing the typical American worker.

Lynne Howard

Newport Beach

Bless John McCain's jealous, disingenuous little heart!

There's only one reason why McCain ripped Obama and his Barbra Streisand-hosted fundraiser in Beverly Hills that raised $9 million: He couldn't pull off anything close to that kind of successful event in a million years -- and it is driving him crazy, because if he could, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

Steve Smith

Santa Ana

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