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Her parade

September 20, 2008

SO MUCH ugliness in the news to get through each day: the financial crisis, suicide bombings, natural disasters, campaign mudslinging. However, learning that Stephanie Edwards would be back in 2009 to host the KTLA Rose Parade telecast I always used to watch but have skipped for the last two actually made me smile ["It Won't Rain on Her Parade," by Greg Braxton, Sept. 18]. This doesn't occur often while reading the paper nowadays.

Steve Campbell



GOOD, now I can watch that station's coverage again. I stopped when I saw Stephanie Edwards sitting in the rain. She may think it was great TV, but it was extremely painful to watch her getting the ol' heave-ho in such a disrespectful way.

Welcome back, Stephanie. Long may you quip!

Mary Taylor

Los Angeles

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