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Can't get enough of the campaigns

September 20, 2008

Re "Obsessed? Addicted? It's politics," Opinion, Sept. 13

I have never had a column so precisely directed at me as this one.

My two sons have attempted several interventions with me, accusing me of mainlining the cable news shows and most of the political websites. The only conversations they can have with me involve -- well, you know. I can't help myself! I'm afraid of Nov. 5, no matter the results, because then what?

In any event, since yours was the most relevant column I've read in a long, long time, you now have a new regular reader from Boulder.

Bruce Mckenzie

Boulder, Colo.


It is not the case that we are either obsessed or addicted. It's rather that we are starved -- for real coverage of the election campaign. And we keep hoping that now -- now? perhaps this time? -- the media will pick up the ball and actually make a run for it.

But no such luck.

Ashwani Vasishth


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