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Negative UCLA views rout the positives, 59-0

September 20, 2008

Now we know why the UCLA-BYU game was televised on Versus.

No one could watch it.

Gary Robb

Los Feliz

UCLA football: From the penthouse to the outhouse in 12 days.

Jerry Selby


One monopoly in Los Angeles college football that we know has not ended: the ability of the UCLA team to embarrass themselves on the public stage.

Philip Mann


Observations after UCLA's 59-0 loss to the BYU Cougars:

1.) Rick Neuheisel is no Pete Carroll.

2.) Norm Chow needs Pete Carroll.

3.) Karl Dorrell is smiling and Dan Guerrero is crying.

4.) Bruins hats and shirts go back in the closet, not to be brought out again until basketball season.

5.) The Tennessee Volunteers are not a very good football team!

Richard Whorton

Valley Village

After the loss to BYU, don't be surprised to see Coach Neuheisel refer to board games such as Trouble and Headache in the future.

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

My advice to any faint-of-heart UCLA football players is to switch to cross-country before the USC game. The players that stay the course will need a streak of masochism to survive this year, and probably the following two years.

Tom Turner

Dana Point

So Jeff Tedford is the UC system's highest-paid employee at $2.8 million a year. As a perennially disappointed Cal alum, with the Bears' most recent loss to an underperforming Maryland team, I was ready to support giving Gov. Schwarzenegger a line-item veto. Then, UCLA failed to field a team against BYU. While not a Bruins fan, I remain a taxpayer. Perhaps the state could outsource both schools' football operations to the USC athletic department. Regardless of any conflict of interest, it couldn't be any more expensive or less successful.

Konrad Moore


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