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Time to bail

September 20, 2008

Yet another rebuilding Kings season is about to begin, and after 15 gloomy years I wonder what it will take for fans to demand that AEG sell our team. On the ice, hockey experts have universally picked the Kings to finish last in the league. Again. Off the ice, morally challenged AEG just tried to strong-arm electronic billboard legislation in the wee hours of the morning that would have turned our freeways into the Las Vegas Strip, only without the class.

Apparently AEG still can't read the writing on the wall, but they are more than willing to profit by it.

Jonah Macmin

El Segundo

The federal government is considering taking over AEG? Hooray, it is Christmas in September for Kings fans who have known for years what a joke of an ownership group they are. Who knew their laughable reputation extended all the way to Washington? What's that? It's AIG, not AEG? Oh. Never mind.

Robin Murray


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