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When life is an adventure

September 21, 2008

"The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword"

Anne Mazer

This story is about Abby Hayes and her classmates writing the school newspaper. Abby was surprised when she heard she was the Advice Columnist. After a while she started to like writing and giving advice, and everyone else liked her column.

I liked this story because it is funny and Abby likes to write in her journal just like I do. I think you will love this book. I can't wait to read her next adventure.

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 8

Westlake Hills Elementary School

Westlake Village


"The Promise"

Jackie French Koller

If you like stories about adventures you will like this book.

In a house way up in the mountains where it's snowing live two little boys, Matt and Jamie, their father and dog, Sara. It was Christmas Eve on a dark night and everybody went out and bought a Christmas tree. While the two children, dog and the father are driving back home a blizzard began. The blizzard was so hard that the car had stopped moving.

Can they find their way back home?

When the car stopped, everybody started walking through the storm, but soon enough the blizzard had stopped. Then, Matt goes out to leave treats for the birds up in the trees. While they were walking a bear jumped out at them, but then the dog attacked and got hurt.

Can they save the dog?

Read the book and find out.

Reviewed by Anna, 10

Joaquin Miller Elementary School




Louis Sachar

An ordinary boy, named Stanley, is walking home from school and some shoes fall out of the sky on his head. He doesn't know they're famous baseball shoes. When he continues on his way home, the police see him with the shoes. He gets sent to court to see if he wants to go to jail or Camp Green Lake. He chooses Camp Green Lake, but he doesn't know that the lake is dried up and you have to dig one hole each day. One day, he finds a lipstick case. He becomes friends with a boy named Hector. Hector runs away in the desert and Stanley starts to get really sad. Stanley runs away and finds Hector. They sneak back to Camp Green Lake and continue to dig in the hole where they found the lipstick case. They dig up a treasure chest. Read the book to find out what's in the chest.

Reviewed by Anthony, 9

Gooden School

Sierra Madre


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