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Ingredients for the melting pot

September 21, 2008

Re "Intrepid, indomitable, illegal Dad," Opinion,

Sept. 14

Gustavo Arellano is rightly proud of what his father has accomplished since coming to this country illegally. What he fails to realize is that Americans make up the most accepting society on this planet. The vast majority of us have no problem with someone who comes to this country and works hard to assimilate and contribute to our country.

We understand that if you came here when you were an adult, you probably are never going to speak perfect English. What is important is that you do your best and ensure that your children assimilate and become productive citizens.

If you choose to lean heavily on public services, if your American-born children don't care to speak English, if they engage in crime and otherwise are a detriment to the greater good, you are damaging our society and we don't want you. What country would?

The "melting pot" has made this country strong, but for many it is no longer melting. A divided society cannot stand.

Daniel Dalton

Signal Hill

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