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September 21, 2008|Bill Shaikin | Times Staff Writer

Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs pitched a no-hitter against the Houston Astros last week. The next day, the Cubs' Ted Lilly took a no-hitter into the seventh inning.

In all, the Astros went 15 innings without a hit, the second-longest drought of any major league team since 1974. The longest drought: 16 innings, by the 1981 Dodgers, in large part because Nolan Ryan threw his fifth no-hitter against them.

The Houston pitchers who combined to no-hit the Dodgers for 16 innings, in order, on Sept. 25-27, 1981: Joe Sambito (one inning), Ryan (nine) and Don Sutton (six). Those Dodgers can laugh about it, of course, as they won the World Series that year.

In this week's STATS Corner, the most consecutive innings without getting a hit and without giving up a hit, since 1974, from STATS LLC:

Most consecutive innings without getting a hit

16: Dodgers, Sept. 25-27, 1981

15: Astros, Sept. 14-15, 2008

15: Padres, June 2-3, 1995

14: Padres, June 5-6, 1988

13: Dodgers, April 7-9, 1994

13: Red Sox, April 21-23, 1993

13: Athletics, July 12-14, 1991

Most consecutive innings without giving up a hit

16: Astros, Sept. 25-27, 1981

15: Cubs, Sept .14-15, 2008

15: Expos, June 2-3, 1995

15: Braves, Sept. 10-12, 1991

14: Angels, May 31-June 3, 1975*


*Nolan Ryan threw his fourth no-hitter as part of that Angels' streak. The Angels' pitchers: Bill Singer (one hitless inning), Ryan (nine), Frank Tanana (four).

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