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Anyone have a question?

September 22, 2008|Maria Elena Fernandez

Greg Yaitanes, one of the directors of "House," won an Emmy for his work on the first part of last season's finale. But when he walked into the press tent, no one jumped at a chance to ask him a question. Just as the director was going to leave, one reporter jumped up (out of pity?).

Before she asked her question, Yaitanes said, "Wouldn't it have been better and more uncomfortable if I didn't answer any questions?"

The reporter asked, anyway: "It seems House becomes more and more unlikable as the seasons go on. Do you think there's going to be redemption for him this season?"

Yaitanes said, "I am not a writer. I'm a director."

The reporter tried to ask the question again in a different way but then just gave up.

"It's OK," Yaitanes said. He left the stage.

Next up was Kirk Ellis, who won for writing "John Adams." Before he came into the tent, an ABC representative asked the press whether there would be questions for him.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

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