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Rating the hosts

September 22, 2008|Denise Martin

Tom Bergeron

* * * * *

The approach: Always game and appropriately wry.

Best moment: The physical comedy -- skipping around the stage and futzing around with Heidi Klum.

Worst moment: None. The man has hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos" for years and puts up with Samantha Harris weekly. He rises above it all.


Heidi Klum

* * *

The approach: Calm, cool, collected -- and fierce, baby.

Best moment: Getting dropped on the floor by Bergeron and looking good doing it.

Worst moment: Having to be stripped down by William Shatner -- and feign surprise -- as a cap to the reality hosts' prolonged and awkward opening.


Howie Mandel


The approach: Over-caffeinated.

Best moment: Presenter Neil Patrick Harris going off script to jab: "Thanks to Howie Mandel's prattling, our bit has been cut."

Worst moment: Mandel seemed to be suffering from either stage fright or an attention deficit, cutting off his co-hosts and speed-talking.


Jeff Probst

* * * *

The approach: Miffed, for having to put up with more Mandel than his co-hosts.

Best moment: Winning his category's big prize after 16 seasons of grilling conniving castaways on "Survivor." And cutting off Mandel.

Worst moment: Doing "Dragnet." Probst was a good sport, but even he knew it was painful.


Ryan Seacrest

* *

The approach: Well groomed but aggravated. (Tired from manning the red carpet?)

Best moment: Calling Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes "two of the funniest men on television."

Worst moment: Deadpanning during Jimmy Kimmel's judgment of the hosts. Would a smile have killed you, Ryan?

-- Denise Martin

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