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Killing nature so a few can live well

September 24, 2008

Re "Headlands project heads into future," Sept. 18

Every time I read about yet another headlands, canyon, hillside, patch of desert or other beautiful part of California that has been lost to development, my heart breaks. A few people make a whole lot of money so another small group of superwealthy people can live in these beautiful places. In the meantime, the rest of us lose.

The birds and other animals lose because their homes are bulldozed out of existence. The people lose because there goes another view, another bit of open space, another place with that wonderful smell that used to be California. These developers are selling something lovely and magical but killing it in the process.

I agree with Dana Point Mayor Joel Bishop that the development of this land brings a "great sense of closure" -- the closure of a coffin lid.

Laura Garrett

Conservation Chair

Pasadena Audubon Society


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