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New York, he doesn't want to be a part of it

September 24, 2008|Grahame L. Jones | Times Staff Writer

Soon-to-be-demolished Yankee Stadium and the building that houses the San Francisco Chronicle are 2,570 miles apart, give or take a deep fly ball to center field.

That might be just enough to spare Chronicle columnist Scott Ostler the wrath of the Yankees faithful for this paragraph he penned this week:

"Are you like me? Will you go through a box of Kleenex watching the final game tonight at Yankee Stadium? Come on, it's a ballpark. Nuke it, put the ghosts and echoes to rest, and let's get on with our lives."

Brushback pitch

On second thought, Ostler had a better idea.

"There seems to be a huge appetite for ballpark nostalgia," he wrote. "So here's my proposal: Take a state that isn't being used for anything else and turn it into a ballpark museum.

"Instead of tearing down Yankee Stadium and other famous venues, truck 'em to Wyoming."

All e-mails from Cheyenne, Casper and elsewhere should go his way, not mine.

Trivia time

What is former Major League Soccer commissioner Doug Logan doing these days?

Weighty issue

In case you missed it, the first United Kingdom and Ireland Wife-Carrying Championships were held in Belfast this month.

Only three of the eight couples who entered were actually married, but not to worry. The winning couple still enjoyed the spoils of their victory: the woman's weight in beer.

Jeer leaders

The hand-wringing in Europe over the loss of the Ryder Cup has not extended to Chris Maume of England's Independent on Sunday newspaper.

"The European Ryder Cup players, poor petals, were reportedly a bit miffed to be playing in front of a partisan American crowd, who had the temerity, the sheer gall, to cheer for their own side," Maume wrote. "Blasted colonials.

"It makes you wonder how the likes of Lee Westwood, whose voice was raised the loudest against all that vicious, er, cheering, would cope with a football crowd."

Trivia time

Logan is the chief operating officer for USA Track and Field.

And finally

Rocky Mountain News columnist Bernie Lincicome, to Denver fans after the Broncos had won another squeaker: "Please be advised, the Bronco game-day tickets include the entire seat, even when only the edge is being used."


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