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Rewarding illegality

September 25, 2008

Re "Education roadblock," editorial, Sept. 22

If one accepts the premise that illegally violating our immigration laws is inherently wrong, then rewarding with preferential treatment those who have successfully violated our borders -- whether they entered the U.S. alone as an adult or under parental supervision -- is morally questionable.

The plight of illegal immigrants and their children may be unfortunate, but it does not warrant rewarding lawbreakers with privileges not granted to legal, out-of-state residents.

Henry C. Clifford

San Diego

You say it's not right to punish children just because their parents broke the law coming here illegally. But why should we, the taxpayers, be punished by having to pay their tuition fees?

James Hopkins

Long Beach

No matter the merits of this case, I am shocked that The Times would state that the lack of a college education for any of our state's high school graduates forces them "to wallow in permanent poverty," let alone "our best and brightest" students.

Elitism epitomized!

David Weaver

San Juan Capistrano

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