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Emmy debacle wins no praise

September 27, 2008

I HAD low expectations for the Emmy show Sunday night, and, believe me, I was not disappointed ["A Host of Problems," by Mary McNamara, Sept. 22]. Rather, I was shocked at how pathetic it was.

With all the funny, talented, clever, smart people in the world of TV, how is it possible to be so lame, stupid, unfunny, sexist, out of touch, boring, absurd, old and unimaginative, all in the same few hours ? Heidi Klum, in particular, should be embarrassed. I mean, ripping your clothes off? Let's see how we can prolong sexy dumb-blond stereotypes, shall we?

Can you wink at the cameras a few more times ? I mean give me a break. The producers of that show should resign from the business like immediately if not sooner.

Phil Shuman

Studio City


WATCHING the Emmys is sort of like watching the popular kids in high school at an awards assembly: a heady sense of self-congratulatory exclusivity, with the feeling among the watchers of being left out and, ultimately, the irrelevance of it all.

Greg Garrotto

Los Angeles


AT a time when The Times is firing people, reducing pages and crying "poor," why are you wasting an entire page on what over-indulged bimbos wore to the Emmys? In a time of financial crisis, why salute the fact that the dresses, makeup and jewelry alone could feed an in-need family for months?

Waste, not talent, is displayed on that page.

Werner Haas

West Hollywood

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