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Toss out nickel with the penny

September 27, 2008

Re "Thought for your penny," editorial, Sept. 23

I agree with The Times' editorial, but it didn't go far enough. The nickel should be eliminated also. After all, in the past we got by without any coin smaller than the half-cent. Inflation has reduced the value of the U.S. dollar by about a factor of 20 since the 19th century, so we should be able to get by now with no coin less than the dime. That way, one digit could be eliminated from all prices, and we wouldn't have to carry bulky nickels of very little value.

Donald B. Gennery



Let's be honest. The only value a penny holds is when, during a purchase, I give one or more of them to you just so you don't give me any more pennies with my change.

William P. Bekkala

West Hollywood

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