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Sorry, Trojans fans, this won't be pretty

September 27, 2008

It appears everyone, from fan to college football analyst, picked the wrong USC-OSU game as being the game of the year.

Fil Arzola

West Covina

While playing Football Monopoly in Los Angeles on Thursday night, I landed on a Chance space and had to pick up a card. It read, "#1 team go directly to Corvallis, lose to an unranked team with a losing record, pay each person whom you've annoyed with your 'national championship/best college football team ever' blather the silence they deserve."

Paul Pontrelli


The more the years progress, the more monumental the upset. First they said last year's loss to unranked Stanford was among the biggest upsets in college football history. Now Thursday's loss to unranked Oregon State is being made an even a bigger upset than Stanford.

Thank God Occidental isn't on USC's schedule next year.

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

Wait a minute. SC actually has to play the games to win the national title?

Craig L. Dunkin

Los Angeles

Before anyone starts labeling Pete Carroll as the second coming of John McKay, let's not forget that for the last three seasons the Trojans have run like a finely tuned engine with a faulty choke mechanism.

Niel McKerjee

Santa Barbara

The autopsy of USC's loss revealed two causes -- the media and the coaches. After 13 days of hearing that they were the greatest thing since the invention of the cellphone, not only did the kids believe it, the coaches also drank the Kool-Aid.

They all thought they could march into Corvallis, play a little pitch and catch, and walk away with a four-touchdown win. The Trojans were unprepared and outcoached.

One piece of advice to the Trojans coaches: Try turning Joe McKnight into the next Joe McKnight because right now he is no Reggie Bush.

Willis Barton

Los Angeles

Memo to Marketing Department: The monopoly for the most overrated team in Los Angeles is far from over.

Dean Chow

Long Beach

Southern Cal football fans, I have a question for you: Just how far is the fall off your Trojan high horse?

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

Congrats to the Beavers. Now I have two things to pray for: the U.S. economy and the return of Norm Chow to USC. We need a game plan for both.

Robert J. Gagliano

Palos Verdes

Frank McCourt immediately changes the Dodgers' colors throughout the playoffs after announcing he just purchased all leftover USC paraphernalia proclaiming, "We Are #1." Both parties agreed not to reveal the purchase price, but McCourt's changing the team colors to match the merchandise indicates it was greatly below market value.

Jim O'Loughlin

North Hollywood

In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, "Hah, hah!"

David Walters

Del Mar

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