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Bruins' bruises

September 27, 2008

So UCLA athletic marketing guy Scott Mitchell is essentially recruiting Fresno State fans to come and root against the Bruins. I wonder what John Wooden thinks about this.

Stuart Weiss

Los Angeles

I'm not sure if we are watching politics or football these past three weeks when dealing with UCLA.

When Rick Neuheisel was hired, all of Bruin Land was ecstatic about the hiring. Now, when it is obviously a rebuilding time for this program after the last few Dorrell years, so-called Bruins fans are jumping all over Neuheisel, Chow and Walker. Any coach in college needs to be given time to recruit the players that they need to run their style of play. If anyone believed that Neuheisel and his staff would just magically turn this program around in one season with a third-string QB, no healthy running backs, and an inexperienced offensive line then they must live in Shangri-La.

Brian Cooper


You could say that the UCLA coaches are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but that would be insulting to a sow's ear.

Wes Wellman

Santa Monica

A quote from the UCLA-Arizona football game from my 8-year-old son, Jake, in the middle of the third quarter:

"I didn't come to this game to sit in the hot sun and almost throw up from getting carsick in traffic to see them lose again. I could have stayed home and watched them on TV and thrown up."

Keith Bernstein

Oak Park

After drubbings of 59-0 and 31-10, I have to wonder why no other Bruins quarterback has taken a snap under center this season. I realize the coaches don't want to undermine whatever confidence Kevin Craft has left, but at what point can you say the game is out of hand?

If nothing more, it would be good to give another QB some game experience.

On the other hand, I am inclined to give Mr. Chow and Mr. Neuheisel the benefit of the doubt given their records of success. Surely they have a grand plan in which Messrs. Forcier and Prince are somehow unnecessary?

Ray Wong

Long Beach

To the UCLA coaches:

We want to believe. We're trying to believe. Man, it is hard. Still, remember USC went 1 1/2 seasons with Pete and Norm before it turned around. It can be done. Meanwhile, instead of the failing "running game" prescription, try "speed" for a cure. Two-step drops. Quick outs. Running back over the middle. Let it all hang out. Use every freshman and find out who has hustle and game presence. Play 'em all and let the chips fall. Maybe even let Milton Knox touch the ball.

Bill Singley

Manhattan Beach

Having failed the Page 2 test long ago, I decided, upon seeing the bait on the bottom of Page 1, to reenter the weird mind of your Page 2 columnist and once again read his column. Ah! I quickly remembered why I stopped doing so in the first place. When treated like the social boob that he is, your columnist gets his undies in a bunch and gets oh so nasty. Now I know what grade school must have been like for him.

Dan Jensen

San Clemente

Somebody tell Fresno State Coach Pat Hill that if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to stop scheduling creampuffs like UCLA.

Ruben Longoria

Grand Terrace

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