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September 27, 2008

I hope the Dodgers' best-in-majors record during the last month shuts up the idiots who always crow that team chemistry is meaningless. But it won't -- they're idiots.

Brian Gadinsky

Los Angeles

Dylan Hernandez wrote a nice little article Tuesday stating what a fine job Joe Torre has done this season. I beg to differ.

Leaving Juan Pierre in the leadoff spot despite his terrible on-base percentage was inexcusable. It not only put a substandard leadoff hitter in the lineup just because he can run fast, but it kept Andre Ethier on the bench.

His constant harping on the young players to take more pitches was a lesson that they apparently already learned. All season long they've seen a lot more pitches per at bat than the veterans he loves so much.

He was fired by the Mets. He was fired by the Braves. He was fired by the Cardinals. He won the World Series four of the first five years he was with the Yankees and not again for the next seven years, despite the highest payroll in baseball every year. The Dodgers are NL West champions only because someone has to be.

Nice guy? You bet. Baseball genius? I have my doubts.

Eric Monson


Can Steve Springer find some subject better to write about than the Roseboro-Marichal brawl [Sept. 19]? It's like Steve is trying to promote another fight like that. Probably the darkest day in baseball history, and we have to be reminded of it again.

Vic Bulaich


Bill Dwyre's snide article ["In L.A., Dodgers Trump Angels", Sept. 23] seems to overlook several things. On the very day his article appeared, for example, the sports front page devoted two-thirds of its space to the Dodgers and only two inches to the Angels. This is typical. While the Dodgers have been struggling all season to stay above .500, the Angels have the best record in all of baseball. So, Mr. Dwyre, try telling your story to the fans who pack Angel Stadium game after game.

Eugene Burns

La Habra

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