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Happy baby, happy fliers

September 28, 2008

Catharine Hamm's answer to Barbara Lewis' suggestion about a little pamphlet from the airlines to guide mothers of babies sounded very mean-spirited ["Fly Babies," On the Spot, Sept. 21].

Lewis is absolutely spot on with her ideas.

Regarding getting a baby to take a quick breath with a bit of cold water in the face, I hardly think that Lewis had in mind dumping a whole cup over the child, when flicking a few drops would do just as well.

Laurie Anderson

Palos Verdes Estates


Do Lewis and Susan S. Bartell actually believe that most parents do not understand about the effects of flying on a child? I guarantee you that we have all sought advice on the best ways to make our children comfortable and happy. As caring parents, we want our children to be comfortable and happy. Happy child = happy parent.

Paige Wilds Kern

Sherman Oaks

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