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Pedestrian road rage

April 29, 2009

Re "When fates intersect," April 27

John Osnes' habit of shouting at and challenging motorists who violated pedestrians' right of way, in Los Angeles of all places, was a catalyst for an eventual serious confrontation.

David Jassy's brutal and horrific act -- running Osnes down -- I suspect was of a man with severe anger issues who eventually was going to erupt.

A sad and tragic story of two individuals who ironically had a great deal in common, whose ultimate fates were senseless and most likely tragically inevitable.

Paul Shubunka Sr.

Santa Clarita


I read this with horror. I too am a pedestrian a large part of the time. I drive, but I like to rest the car as many days as I can.

Pedestrians allegedly have the right of way, but the drivers don't seem to know or care. Three intersections in my neighborhood are especially dangerous, and in response to my complaints, the San Diego Police Department periodically sends squad cars to park nearby. The officers stay quite busy writing tickets. For a few days after that, the drivers are careful, but it does not last long.

I think Jassy should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I extend my condolences to Osnes' family and friends. With any luck, I will not meet a similar fate.

Lee Rathbone

San Diego


There are far too many militant pedestrians on Los Angeles streets. They step off the curb at the last second, causing drivers to have to hit their brakes suddenly; they purposely walk slowly crossing the street; or they violently confront drivers they feel have offended them. This outright disdain and hostility for drivers is also seen among bicyclists. It is on the rise and needs to be stopped.

Did Osnes deserve to die? Probably not. But I have no sympathy for militant pedestrians or bicyclists who get their backsides kicked by a driver they are egging on.

R. Donald Snyder

Los Angeles

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