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Police station with a dark past is up for sale

The Westlake-district building was until recently an outpost of the LAPD's Rampart division. Occupants included the anti-gang CRASH unit, which was accused of abusing suspects.

December 03, 2009|By Roger Vincent

Then came the Proposition Q public safety bond program approved by voters in 2002, which funded construction of a new Rampart station on 6th Street that opened last year. "I'm much happier here," Losorelli said.

With the police gone, owner Williams decided to sell. The ex-real estate broker, former surfing coach and current part-time dock worker and restaurateur hopes to find a buyer who wants to move in instead of rent it to someone else. "It's really suited for an owner-user. It could be a school or a church."

The commercial real estate market is so rough right now, it makes more sense to try to find a buyer than another tenant, explained Williams' broker, Mike Dunn of Dunn Property Group.

Rents are fairly low in competing buildings downtown and in Mid-Wilshire, which puts Westlake-area properties at a competitive disadvantage, Dunn said. And if the owner was able to find a tenant, he would have to spend a substantial amount of money turning the building from a police station back into an ordinary office before collecting any rent.

"We're better off just to sell," Dunn said.

And the one-way glass comes at no extra charge.

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