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NFL Bottom Ten

The Rams achieve an inglorious first in the annals of St. Louis football.

December 03, 2009|By Steve Harvey

Good news for St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Detroit fans -- spring training baseball begins in three months. (I don't know what to tell Cleveland fans.)

For St. Louis football fans, if any are left, it was another historic weekend: As the St. Louis Post Dispatch pointed out, the Rams became the first St. Louis NFL team to lose 10 of its first 11 games -- a period covering 43 seasons of NFL football in that city, much of it pretty bad football.

To show you how inept the Rams are, Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was a disaster for fantasy footballers competing 14 of 25 passes for just 101 yards and no touchdowns. Yet the Seahawks still whipped the Rams, 27-17.

In the exciting most-passes-had-intercepted race, the Dancing Bears' Jay Cutler chalked up two against Carolina to take the NFL lead with 20. He'll really have to go out of control (always a possibility) if he means to surpass the record of 42 held by George Blanda, though.

Jets rookie Mark Sanchez, who has 17 interceptions, did not throw one Sunday. Coach Rex Ryan earlier announced he would give Sanchez code words before each series to simplify the offense. The New York Times reported that when Sanchez was asked about the arrangement after the game, he said "the code was too complicated for him to explain."

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Cleveland (1-10); 7-16, Cincinnati; San Diego

2. St. Louis (1-10); 17-27, Seattle; Chicago

3. Tampa (1-10); 17-20, Atlanta; Carolina

4. Detroit (2-9); 12-34, Green Bay; Cincinnati

5. Oakland (3-8); 7-24, Dallas; The Pitts

6. Kansas City (3-8); 7. Chicago (4-7); 8. Carolina (4-7); 9. N.J. Giants (6-5); 10. Washington (3-8).

Rout of the week: San Diego (8-3) at Cleveland (1-10).

Crummy game of the week: St. Louis (1-10) at Chicago (4-7).

Fantasy flops: QB Jake Delhomme (Carolina), 14 of 34 passing for 130 yards, four interceptions, no touchdowns; QB Brady Quinn (Cleveland), 15 of 34 passing for 100 yards and no touchdowns.

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