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Bully wants to be a Facebook friend

December 06, 2009

Dear Amy: What is the appropriate course of action to take when someone who tormented you daily in high school and a couple of years of college asks to be your friend on Facebook?

This happened 40 years ago, so should I assume this person has changed for the better and then take the high road and accept him or her as a "friend"?

Or do I just click the "Ignore" button?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this quandary in our new world of social media.


Dear Friend: People seem to use Facebook in a variety of ways. For some users, Facebook is just another venue to broadcast their latest activities to anyone with enough time to devote to keeping up. They accumulate "friends," are not discerning about their contacts and are simply into quantity.

Other people take Facebook as an opportunity to make, renew or keep up with actual friends. For them, the Facebook experience is personal.

I say it's your life, your page and your choice. If you don't want to accept this person into your virtual life, then by all means don't.

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