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Who'll be 'Top Chef'?

December 06, 2009

Hot to talk about: the finale of "Top Chef"?

Kevin, FTW. (No, that's not a spoiler. It's a hunch. I wouldn't be upset if Mike pulled off an upset though. He can be cocky, but I rather like watching him concoct all sorts of delicious-looking craziness.) (Wednesday)

Please do talk about: "A Single Man"

Not since Mr. Darcy has Colin Firth been so extraordinary. The film, a potent examination of regret, heartbreak and desire from fashion designer-turned-director Tom Ford, follows a single day in the life of George (Colin Firth), a gay college professor wrestling with the death of his longtime partner in early 1960s Los Angeles. (Friday)

I can't believe we still get to talk about: "Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Lost Footage"

An entire new Bravo special? Not sure how it will top the two-part reunion -- still reeling from Kim's performance -- but who cares? Santa comes early this year! (Thursday)

And the gifts keep on giving. Let's talk about: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

A sort-of sequel to The Phantom Hourglass, the Nintendo DS title Spirit Tracks follows Link, now an apprentice train engineer for the royal railroads, as he attempts to rescue the ever-in-distress Princess Zelda after an evil Chancellor kidnaps her. (Monday)

Not sure you want to talk about: "Desperate Housewives"

In the year's final episode, a low-flying plane will crash on Wisteria Lane, killing at least one "fan favorite." Assuming it's not one of the four leading ladies, not sure who that is these days between the psychopath they've made Katherine, the pushover they've made Orson, the bore they've made Karl, the whiny brat they've made Julie, or the not-all-that-mysterious Bolens. (Sunday)

-- Denise Martin

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