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NFL Bottom Ten

St. Louis, Cleveland and Tampa Bay have a chance to hit mark that hasn't been hit since 1926, and they are playing a lot more games in a season these days.

December 10, 2009|By Steve Harvey

Not since 1926 have three NFL teams lost every game but one in the same season. It could happen again this year with the St. Louis Lambs, Cleveland Frowns and Grampa Bay Bucs -- all 1-11 at this juncture.

Their accomplishments will be all the more admirable since they have to play 16-game seasons.

The big losers of 1926 -- the Columbus Tigers (1-6), the Hammond Pros (0-4) and the Louisville Colonels (0-4) -- all had abbreviated seasons, not to mention existences.

Of the three 2009 rummies, the team with the best chance of winning again is Cleveland, since it has the good fortune Thursday of playing the hopeless Pitts, losers of four straight and poor impersonators of defending NFL champions.

Of course if the Bottom Ten title went to the team with the worst record in December, Dallas would be a contender. With its 24-31 loss to the New Jersey Giants, Dallas has now dropped five of its last six games in that month.

Quick, class, who knows the last year Dallas won a playoff game? Answer: 1996. How about them Cowboys!

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1.Cleveland (1-11); 23-30, San Diego; The Pitts

2.St. Louis (1-11); 9-17, Chicago; Tennessee

3.Detroit (2-10); 13-23, Cincinnati; Baltimore

4.Grampa Bay (1-11); 6-16, Carolina ;N.J. Jets

5. The Pitts (6-6); 14-27, Green Bay ;Cleveland

6. Kansas City (3-9); 7. Oakland (2-7 when QB JaMarcus Russell starts); 8. Buffalo (4-8); 9. Washington (3-9); 10. ESPN analyst Steve Young's hair.

Crummy game of the week: Buffalo (4-8) at Kansas City (3-9).

Rout of the week: Cleveland (1-11) over The Pitts (6-6).

Fantasy flops: Quarterback Joe Flacco (Baltimore), 15 of 36 passes for 137 yards, three interceptions, one touchdown; Running back Frank Gore (San Francisco), nine carries, 25 yards, no touchdowns; Running back Marion Barber (Dallas) 15 carries, 36 yards, no touchdowns, no hugs from owner Jerry Jones.

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