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His TV converter is already busted

February 01, 2009

Regarding "Digital transition may move to June," Jan. 27:

There are far more problems with the digital conversion than uninformed citizens and vouchers. My neighbor and I have new converters that broke down within weeks of purchase. Our converters are from different manufacturers.

This leads me to believe this is planned obsolescence by companies that are partners with cable companies or their owners. There already have been discussions about flat-screen TVs burning out in less than five years. Without TV, what will our minds turn to? Mine is not thinking kind or gentle things at the moment.

Frederick Cleveland

Los Angeles


It never ceases to amaze me what the people of the U.S. have come to expect of their government. For example, why must it use taxpayer money to provide viewers with a converter box for their TV?

I would say to those who must rely on the government for a handout to get the converter box that they need to provide that for themselves or listen to the radio. Better yet, read the daily paper.

Harlan McWhorter


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