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Funds sufficient for clean trucks

February 01, 2009

Regarding "Port's clean-rig program is running on empty," Jan. 27:

The Times is correct that the Port of Los Angeles' 2007 Compliant Incentive Program has had unprecedented success in bringing an early infusion of clean trucks into port service. However, the article suggests that the port can't fulfill its commitment to the trucking companies that have purchased and put into port service hundreds of 2007 EPA-compliant trucks.

We do have enough funds to pay each of the approved program applicants the $20,000-per-truck incentive for every qualifying truck they put into port service. Companies that applied for the incentive by the program deadline and have since completed their paperwork have received checks. However, we must ensure that each applicant's paperwork is completed and all program requirements are met before paying out their incentive.

Geraldine Knatz, Executive Director

The Port of Los Angeles


The lesson here for the truck owners and anyone else depending on getting government grants is never to trust the government. This is an obvious case of unintended consequences. Those responsible for the idea of giving $20,000 per truck for each new clean-idling truck should be held accountable.

Perhaps S. David Freeman, Richard Steinke and Geraldine Knatz, along with other harbor and port commissioners and directors, should do like Detroit auto-company CEOs and cut their salary to $1 a year.

Charles Sayles


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