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Howls of protest against trapper

February 01, 2009

Re "Tracking the city coyote," Column One, Jan. 27

I was stunned and appalled to read of the Huntington Library's current solution to its coyote "problem."

For those unfamiliar with the practice of snaring, it involves trapping an animal in a wire noose. The more the captive animal tries to free itself, the tighter the noose becomes until the pain stops the animal's attempts at escape -- or the animal slowly dies of strangulation.

The Huntington Library's website states it to be a "great cultural, research and educational center," with 6 million items extolling the virtues of Western civilization.

Perhaps the library's administration should revisit its exhibits.

Its current actions certainly do not embody the spirit of its treasures or reflect well on anyone's definition of the civilization it claims to extol.

Jill Donner

Sherman Oaks


After reading The Times' article about the coyote trapper, I have only one question:

Who can I call to have someone track, trap and put down Jimmie Rizzo?

Leigh Clark

Granada Hills


We live in the flats of Encino, not near the hills, and our two precious Boston terriers were eaten by coyotes in our backyard last weekend. I fear not only for the animals around Los Angeles, but also for small children.

This is obviously a problem that has been ignored by the city and is out of control. We appreciate you bringing this problem to light.

Lisa Reeve


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