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Teachers vs. tests

February 01, 2009

Re "L.A. teachers union and district in battle over tests," Jan. 28

While there is some possible but heavily debated value to the LAUSD's "periodic assessments" as a tool to help our students learn, is there any question that teachers are a more important tool? With the district looking at mass layoffs, how can it still be clinging to the continuation of these tests? Until the LAUSD's fiscal emergency has passed, any optional item in the budget should be deleted that doesn't involve keeping as many teachers in the classroom as possible.

Paul Koretz

Los Angeles


It's about time! Let's hope more teachers join in the protest against this senseless and never-ending testing. Whatever gave educators the idea that children learn under these draconian conditions?

I know a sweet, joyful 8-year-old whose winter break was ruined by her anxiety about an upcoming round of tests -- in May! (Her teacher decided to begin preparation in early December.)

Let's hope these tests go the way of corporal punishment and dunce caps. Better yet, why not use these methods on the brilliant administrators who came up with this nonsense?

Mary Texeira


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