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At least one Clippers fan is done with Mike Dunleavy columnist Bill Simmons, who happens to be a Clippers season-ticket holder, is calling for Mike Dunleavy's firing.

February 01, 2009|Broderick Turner

Hey, there really are Clippers fans out there.

They may be disgruntled. OK, they are disgruntled.

Well, at least one of them is, and he is calling for the head of Coach Mike Dunleavy.

Bill Simmons, a columnist for, took quite a few shots at Dunleavy during a recent online chat.

Simmons is a Clippers season-ticket holder who claims to have attended 11 or 12 games this season and is upset about the Clippers' not "firing" Dunleavy, whom Simmons called a "fraud." (Usually a coach is fired by the general manager. But given that Dunleavy is the GM and coach, it's probably unlikely that the GM would get rid of the coach in this instance).

Anyway, Simmons said the Clippers players "hate" Dunleavy, and the fans "hate" Dunleavy.

Simmons is, however, willing to let Dunleavy keep his job as GM.

Well, at least Clipper Nation is alive and well.

NBA All-Star snub

If you ask the Cleveland Cavaliers, their point guard Mo Williams got the snub from Eastern Conference coaches when he wasn't selected to the All-Star team as a reserve.

Williams tried to remain cool about it.

But his teammates took care of things for him.

You've got to love the things Cleveland's Ben Wallace said about his teammate's not making the All-Star team. "It's a tragedy," Wallace told reporters. Really, a family losing its house is a tragedy -- missing the All-Star team isn't quite the same.

Then there was LeBron James, who was voted onto the All-Star team as a starter. He said the snub of Williams demonstrated how coaches "disrespect" Cleveland.

The best comment, though, was Wallace's saying it was a shame and a mockery and then combining the two words to call it a "shamockery."

Trivia time

How many times was former Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar selected to the All-Star team?


The Boston Celtics mascot, that little gymnastic leprechaun, was either fired or quit.

The agent for the former mascot told the Boston Globe that his client, Damon Lee Blust, and the team "mutually agreed to relieve" him of his duties. Blust would jump, do a flip and dunk a basketball.

Celtics brass called it a private matter.

Either way, the little guy is done.

Trivia answer

Abdul-Jabbar made 19 All-Star teams, the most in NBA history.

And finally

Conan O'Brien on President Obama's swearing-in ceremony: "During NBC's coverage, Brian Williams said that the inauguration is like the Super Bowl. Yeah. The only difference is that the New York Jets had a chance to go to the inauguration."


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