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Octuplets' mother filed at least two workers' compensation claims

Nadya Suleman reported an injury in 1999 while working as a psychiatric technician at a state hospital, and again in 2001 after a car accident occurred while she was en route to medical treatment.

February 04, 2009|Kimi Yoshino

The Whittier mother of octuplets and six other children, including a set of twins, has filed at least two claims for workers' compensation, according to state records.

Few details were available about Nadya Suleman's first injury, which occurred in 1999 while she was a psychiatric technician at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk.

In 2001, Suleman filed a second claim with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board for "injury to neck, back and shoulders from auto accident on commute for medical treatment," according to records filed with the California Department of Industrial Relations.

The records list her earnings at the time of injury as "max," but provided no dollar amount. Suleman received treatment for the injuries and was covered by her employer or insurance company, according to the records. She was not covered by Medi-Cal.

Patricia Ortiz, public information officer for the Division of Workers' Compensation, said that Suleman was earning at least $490 per week at the time of her injury.

Records state that the claim was filed because of a disagreement over liability for temporary disability indemnity, permanent disability indemnity, reimbursement for medical expense, medical treatment, compensation at proper rate and rehabilitation.

Additional records show that a petition was filed last September to compel Suleman to attend a medical exam with "petition to terminate liability for temporary disability indemnity."

No other details were available and the attorney who represented her could not be reached for comment.


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