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It takes more than a mouth full of soap

February 07, 2009

I've been a big fan of Christian Bale since I saw him in "American Psycho," in which he delivered a very deep and intense performance. Then I heard his inexcusable and demeaning tirade a couple of days ago ["Tinseltown's a Tirade Town," by Patrick Goldstein, Feb. 5]. I'd really like to know if he apologized to the director of photography and to everyone who witnessed this outburst.

I feel for the person at whom his tirade was aimed, as well as those who witnessed it. There are definitely better ways to get a point across to people who make mistakes in a more respectful way than with a vulgar, expletive-laced and really long tirade.

I'm sure that there are a lot of other talented, undiscovered actors who are available to star in upcoming films who would accept a much lower payment than some of today's antihero actors. We have to keep in mind that people in power may have status and money, but class cannot be bought.

Cindy Belvoir Hornung

Stevenson Ranch


Imagine actor Jimmy Stewart, who flew in combat in WWII, profanely, angrily humiliating a cameraman merely because his line of sight was crossed?

Stewart was a man who had solved major problems under very stressful conditions. Bale is a child who only thinks of himself and would benefit by serving in Iraq or working with homeless kids to learn what real problems are and how mature men attempt to solve them.

John Holmstrom


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