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Fans look for Finality

February 07, 2009

The Lakers beat the Celtics, again! Repeat that line, and savor the words, like a fine wine. Hopefully, in June, we'll be able to say that four times in a row. But for now, in the middle of the season, with Bynum injured, Gasol readjusting to center, and Odom ever in doubt, just enjoy the sheer pleasure of saying to everyone you meet, "The Lakers beat the Celtics, again!"

Gary Linquist

Morro Bay

It's almost funny that in last week's letters, a few writers took Kobe to task for being a total ball hog, to the detriment of the team. So how does Kobe respond two days later against the Knicks? Well, just like any person would if their ego circles Pluto. Take that ball out of Fisher's hands, and start bombing away!

Kobe and his teammates, or "observers" if you will, then took down the Knicks. To underscore the 61 points Kobe scored, he also kept his assists down to an impressive three.

Gregg Freeman

Thousand Oaks


After reading the tired vitriol spewed by the usual Kobe bashers in last week's Viewpoint, I wonder how many quickly came to the conclusion that Kobe was too selfish in controlling his dexterity to safely fall in the other direction instead of directly crashing into Andrew Bynum's knee?

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills


I am sick of reading all the whiny letters from so-called Lakers fans ragging on simply the best player in the universe. If you can't marvel at the ferocity and will to win that drives the incomparable Kobe Bryant, and by extension his teammates, I have a suggestion for you: Root for the other L.A. team.

Yeah, I thought so.

D. Duane Wall II



Here we go again! Last year I questioned why the extent of Andrew Bynum's knee injury was not accurately diagnosed in the beginning. If he had the surgery right after the injury occurred, he would have been back in time for Boston and they might have won the championship. Now, almost exactly a year later, Bynum is seriously injured again, and we are again told that no surgery is required, and in 8 to 12 weeks he will be back. Really? We should have no confidence in that assessment, based on what happened last year.

Sherwyn Drucker



If Andrew Bynum keeps getting injured, he may have to change his last name to Bowie.

Jon Umeda

Monterey Park

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