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California, the incredible

February 08, 2009

I just read Christopher Reynolds' article about traveling the California coast in 10 days ["1,136 Miles of Gold, Feb. 1] and absolutely loved it. I'm currently serving as a missionary in South Korea, and I do a bit of traveling myself, but I haven't been home to the U.S. in almost six months.

Though my home state is beautiful Michigan, I have been to California many times and think it's an incredible state. Your article makes me want to return to California as soon as possible! And not only did you inspire me with your words, but you've also inspired me to drive the coast of Michigan as soon as I get home.

Daria Blond

Daegu, South Korea


The story by Reynolds is one of the best and most useful features I have read in The Times Travel section in years.

It was interesting and informative

Too bad the writer received a traffic ticket.

Cliff Dektar

North Hollywood


Even better than your experience driving the coast (which was great) was my wife's and my bicycle ride down the coast from Crescent City. All those sights, sounds, smells, etc., were awesome outside of a metal and glass shell, all done under our own power and slowly enough to take it all in. I suggest you try bicycle touring over the same route and writing about that.

John Lovern



Thanks to Reynolds for his wonderful homage to the California coast. But he needn't have spent money on a disappointing steak dinner in Morro Bay.

Jocko's Steak House in Nipomo, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, offers reasonably priced plate-sized steaks and chops that are the best in California.

The meat, locally grown and slaughtered, is seasoned to perfection by Jocko's chefs, grilled outdoors and served to a loyal clientele. Reservations are essential on weekends.

Vegetarians should avoid Jocko's, but it's a Garden of Eden for carnivores.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles

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